Swedish Massage

Exceptionally effective in relaxing the entire body, increasing oxygen in blood and improving circulation.
$55 (30 min) | $85 (50 min) | $125 (80 min)

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage that uses deeper pressure to ease muscle pain and release chronic muscle tension.
$55 (30 min) | $85 (50 min) | $125 (80 min)

Sports Massage

This massage focuses on areas of the body that are overused from repetitive and often aggressive movements, great for athletes.
$55 (30 min) | $85 (50 min) | $125 (80 min)

Warm Stone Therapy

Using heated smooth basalt stones, the direct heat of the stones applied to key points on the body, eases muscle contraction allowing access to deeper layers of the muscles releasing tension and stress.
$90 (50 min) | $130 (80 min)

Cupping Massage

Cupping, the use of suction, together with massage helps to release tight muscles, stiff joints and toxins while increasing the circulation and lymphatic drainage.
$65 (30 min) | $100 (50 min) | $140 (80 min)

Pre-Natal Massage*

This massage eases the muscular discomforts common during pregnancy. Our therapists are well trained in the unique needs of expectant mothers.
$90 (50 min) | $130 (80 min)

* not recommended during the first trimester. Moms-to-be should discuss massage with their physician prior to therapy.


Points in your feet relate to organs and structures throughout the body. This treatment enhances your health through massage of the feet. Achieve balance and deep tranquility with this healing pressure point massage.
$45 (30 min) | $75 (50 min)