A specialized and relaxing treatment suitable for any skin type. Skin specific cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, aromatherapy facial massage, customizable mask and luxurious hand and arm massage. A therapeutic and purifying treatment infusing your skin with essential vitamins and plant extracts leaving your skin balanced, refreshed and renewed.
$85 (50min)


The ultimate fusion of transformative beauty and relaxation. Customized for all skin types, this state-of-the-art facial utilizes the most effective treatments in advanced technology and anti-aging. A luxurious, non-invasive and results oriented facial that naturally promotes collagen, reduces fine lines, brightens, improves skin tone and texture with immediate plumping. Your facial will include a combination of our individualized advanced treatments such as dermaplaning, dermafiling, enzymatic exfoliation, extractions, LED light therapy, ultrasonic technology and nano infusion to detoxify skin and stimulate collagen production while deeply penetrating a personalized cocktail of clinical-strength vitamins, anti-oxidants and peptides. Enjoy an aromatherapy facial, scalp, arm and hand massage after a customized regenerating treatment mask is applied.
Skin will be visibly tighter, brighter, softer and hydrated!
$185 (75min)
$250 (90min)
$285 (105min)


A relaxing facial that utilizes ultrasonic technology to detoxify and exfoliate, increase circulation and deeply penetrate clinical- grade vitamins, peptides and antioxidants into the skin. Appropriate for all skin types. This luxurious treatment addresses and balances many skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, hyper-pigmentation, acne and rosacea. This advanced facial treatment is customized to your skin and includes an enzyme exfoliation, extractions, a targeted treatment mask. and aromatherapy face, hand and arm massage.
$135 (60min)


A rejuvenating facial that boosts cellular turnover, stimulates collagen, brightens and improves skin texture and tone. A unique anti-aging treatment targeting sun damage and dull complexion. Soothing and purifying, oxygen stimulates circulation and penetrates essential nutrients, vitamins and extracts revealing radiant, hydrated and illuminated skin. This effervescent facial includes ultrasonic and enzyme exfoliation, extractions, LED light therapy, therapeutic treatment mask and an aromatherapy face, hand and arm massage.
$165 (75min)


Pairing science with beauty Rezenerate is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment beneficial for all skin types. Rezenerate utilizes nano technology to painlessly create thousands of micro permeations on the skin for deeper product penetration of customized serums and nutrients. This treatment gently exfoliates, stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines, softens wrinkles, brightens, hydrates and visibly plumps the skin. Customized for you, this regenerative facial includes an enzyme exfoliation, treatment mask and aromatherapy face, hand and arm massage. A holistic alternative to micro-needling with no down time!
$165 (75min)


Gua-Sha is a traditional Chinese beauty treatment know for its healing and therapeutic effects. Promoting health, well being and skin rejuvenation, Gua-Sha naturally detoxifies, reduces puffiness, lifts, tightens, minimizes fine line and wrinkles while improving skin texture and tone. This holistic facial treatment focuses on balancing your skin from the inside out. Customized to your skin type and deeply relaxing, this uplifting treatment stimulates collagen, circulation, detoxifies, releases muscle tension and immediately lifts and tones your skin. A deep cleanse and enzyme exfoliation followed by a 20min therapeutic facial massage using the Gua-Sha beauty tool stimulates beneath the skin to promote micro-circulation of essential vitamins and peptides. A customized treatment mask, luxurious hand, arm and scalp massage leaves you and your skin relaxed, balanced, toned and radiant.
$125 (75min)


This purifying treatment provides a deep pore cleanse designed to calm and correct congested skin. A detoxifying and healing facial beneficial for clearing acne and blemishes that will deeply exfoliate, eliminate bacteria, soothe inflammation and improve overall skin clarity. Treatment also includes enzyme exfoliation, extractions, anti-bacterial treatment and a customized mask. Skin is left purified and refreshed.
$115 (50min)
for CLINICAL TREATMENT add a Salycillic & Mandelic peel
$75 (15min)


This calming skin treatment provides cooling and soothing relief for redness and flushing that often accompany rosacea and sensitive skin. A deeply hydrating and nourishing facial that will address all your anti-aging concerns while improving the appearance of roseacea.
$95 (50min)

Purifying Back Facial

Utilizing many of the same techniques used in our CASSANDRA LUXE FACIAL this treatment helps clarify and soften the skin on the back. A deeply moisturizing massage and corrective products that target specific skin issues are used. Your skin will be healthy and glowing.
$95 (50min)